As a tribute to the stylistic periods of cycling culture evocative retro cycling events arise for about a decade across Europe, as the L´Eroica Italia or Anjou Vélo Vintage in France. These include several rounds through wonderful nature and to historic places. In order to address different needs of bike lovers, there is always at least in the portfolio:

Firstly, there are an about 48 k "Gourmet Course" and an about 89 k "Enthusiasts Course", in which all cyclic enraptured people may show up in appropriate fashion to their wonderful old bicycles.

Secondly, there is the 149 k "Heroes Course", which claims the utmost from the participants on unsealed roads. It is driven on the old iron horses with down tube shifters, open brake cables, wool jersey and of course with strap pedals.

Each tour without time measurement, of course, to experience the joy and togetherness in a beautiful environment; classically with cards that are stamped officially to the respective stations.

The festival around it, which delighted both young and old, is another indication of this VintageWheelRounds. There are all sorts of imaginable trumpery for the bike to discover, to marvel and to buy. Fashion, culture, food, live music lead this bike festivals to a relaxed experience for bicycle enthusiasts, the whole family, friends and bike enthusiastic fans.

Since 2015 there is the VELO CLASSICO GERMANY, 19th / 20th September 2015, the first event of this magic character in Germany. We are proud and fulfill us at the same time our own long-cherished dream.

Passion for cycling culture is the focus of VELO CLASSICO, as before in the days of the heroes of the road. What region, what city, what place is better than Ludwigslust in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Ludwigs-Lust ... Lust for life!

By the VELOCLASSICO GERMANY and the start and finish close to the castle of Ludwigslust the ("Good Old") time lights up again

Movement in beautiful nature is part of course to this type of bike culture, on routes that have been carefully selected by experts of classic scene of cycling. Lead you through typical places of Mecklenburg with stylish rest and the enjoyment of regional delights. Often full of history, always interesting. And last but not least there ist he festival to celebrate before, during and after cycling.

Anyone is welcome with the beloved bike, which dates back to 1989 or before (just required for the 149 k ride), to go onto the track. We offer different routes (48 km, 89 km, about 149 km) for any taste.

The flair of the heroic cycling time is literally in the air and makes this character wonderfully palpable, visible diverse, melodious and wonderfully alive.

So who is in the mood for this kind of nostalgic cycling fashion, old steel wheels, vintage fashion, pure joy and pleasure, gets one’s money’s worth.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you on the second German bicycle culture event VELO CLASSICO GERMANY 2016.

Remind the date or login right now and join in.

17th/18th September 2016, Ludwigslust

Your organizing team of VELO CLASSICO GERMANY


Rolf Christiansen
Rolf Christiansen, Landrat

Sehr geehrte Radliebhaberinnen und - liebhaber,
mit dem Ludwigsluster Schloss und der reizvollen Natur der Lewitz bietet der Landkreis Ludwigslust-Parchim eine hervorragende Kulisse für die Velo Classico. Ich freue mich, dass diese Veranstaltung die Aufmerksamkeit auch auf unsere historischen Schätze lenkt. Die Idee, dass viele Menschen unsere schöne Region im Rahmen einer Veranstaltung mit zum Teil historischen Rädern kennenlernen, hat mich begeistert. Radliebhaber aus nah und fern "erfahren" quasi die Schönheit und lernen einige besondere Orte auf den Ausfahrten kennen.

Herzlichst Ihr
Rolf Christiansen, Landrat

Heroes Course